Aston Martin One-77

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Learn how to model this car with SolidWorks
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From Sketches to Assembly: Model a two-stroke Engine with SolidWorks

Learn how to model this engine with this step-by-step tutorial. It covers the creation of the different parts of the engine, and the assembly process. This tutorial is a good way to dive into SolidWorks modelization.

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A solid-based approach to model speakers with SolidWorks

In addition to the Loft feature, which is essential to model this speaker, discover the advanced use of SolidWorks' Move/Copy as well as Combine tools to achieve this model in a rather unusual and instructive way.

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Beginners and advanced Users: Master SolidWorks to the Certified Professional level

Those two comprehensive hands-on video courses will take you from knowing nothing about SolidWorks to the Certified Associate Level (CSWA), and then hone your skills further to reach the Certified Professional Level (CSWP).

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Wrap and Circular Pattern tools: Model a Beer Mug with SolidWorks

A good way of modeling this mug and its patterns is presented in this tutorial. This beer mug has a curved profile which makes wrapping not so easy.

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Model an IKEA Desk Lamp Tutorial with SolidWorks

This video tutorial is tailored for beginners and intermediate SolidWorks users, and explains the very useful techniques used to model this lamp.

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